[HUE-6243] Fix Hue Load Balancer SSL Handshake error

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commit 309e75dbb611cfac73f11161ad5cd5ba09a18fdc
Author: Prakash Ranade <ranade@cloudera.com>
Date:   Tue Apr 25 16:25:07 2017 -0700

    [HUE-6243] Fix Hue Load Balancer SSL Handshake error
    Customers that use httpd 2.4 version as a load balancer, with SSL protocol between LB and multiple Hue servers, will encounter the SSL handshake issue during handshake between LB & Hue. The issue can be resolved with CM and this Hue side change.
    Testing Done:
    - Tested on CDEP Cluster
    - Checked Hue works out of box
    - Checked Host Name gets logged in

:100644 100644 11240c4... 4bb6748... M	desktop/conf.dist/hue.ini
:100644 100644 11b53b5... 39ce47c... M	desktop/conf/pseudo-distributed.ini.tmpl
:100644 100644 afec24f... 7d375e7... M	desktop/core/src/desktop/conf.py

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