scan can early exit for incrementColumnValue()

Review Request #1053 - Created Oct. 20, 2010 and updated

Ensure that during incrementColumnValue() the scan triggered by the get() does an early exit if it finds the KV in the memstore.
I have been testing it on my cluster. No unit testing yet.
Jonathan Gray
Benoit Sigoure
Ryan Rawson

Why not put these into the base class?  Why create an entirely new class just to hold these?
  1. It is not added to the base class so as not to alter the public Scan API.
Would this code be cleaner if we didnt have to use instanceof?
  1. yes, i agree it will be cleaner w/o instanceof. But in that case we will have to pass the flags all the way from HRegion to StoreScanner. A number of signatures will have to change.
    Another approach could be to only instantiate InternalScan in the server side. But again that is quite a bit of code change.
    Having an internal-scan should be useful. After all, a scan touches a lot of data and certain other tasks can potentially be piggybacked on a scan.
  2. ok that makes sense. let's go with it then.
Ryan Rawson