HUE-6905 [frontend] Minor UI bugs in old Pig Editor and Job Designer

Review Request #11140 - Created July 22, 2017 and updated

Ivan Dzikovsky

I've fixed 2 problems with this fix.

  1. Fix broken links for Scripts on page "Query Editors" -> "Pig" -> "Scirpts".

  2. Reload list of Designs in Job Designer after performing copy/remove/restore actions.
    To fix 2-nd problem, I reverted commit from HUE-6370 (because removing of some random event triggers sounds not good), and applied same fix as in HUE-6370 but for all actions (not only for saving).

As other possible solution for 2-nd problem, I can remove some random event triggers for all actions, like it was done in fix for HUE-6370.
But I'm not sure if it will not break something, and anyway that triggers seems good for future purposes.


  1. This sounds like a good approach for 2, thanks for the detailed explanations!