HUE-6717 [editor] Support sqoop command with --query parameter

Review Request #11379 - Created Aug. 17, 2017 and updated

Prachi Poddar

I implemented the way you suggested in the last review.

Howwver, the single dashed attributes are still replaced by their double dashed substitutes. I checked all the sqoop attributes in the lastest version i.e. 1.4.6 (which is also used in CDH 5.12), and there are just 3 single dashed attributed which are
So, we are okay there!

commit 5a6b894114623f892703235c388da56f66096f16
Author: Prachi Poddar <>
Date: Sun Jul 30 11:34:42 2017 -0700

HUE-6717 \[editor\] Support sqoop command with --query parameter

:100644 100644 a9b53ed326... e8ad54c0d1... M apps/oozie/src/oozie/

Manual on Chrome. Tested both sqoop editor and sqoop importer.