FLUME-302: Remove usage of Log4j's Level from FlumeNode.

Review Request #1138 - Created Oct. 30, 2010 and submitted

Bruce Mitchener
esammer, jon
Just log version and environment information at INFO level rather than making it caller-configurable. FlumeShell was outputting it at DEBUG level while everything else was using INFO level.

  1. One nit.
  2. If we do this, we need to add a check to make sure that if silent mode is on (-q option) this does not get called.
    1. It didn't handle that before ... and this code is before it does anything to set up arguments and check for -q ... but if you move these logs, you also have to move the failure due to invalid Java version ...
    2. Hm.. Actually I think I'm ok if the two lines get removed.  The printHello() has the version number displayed, and I'm not sure if we want to display all the environment info everytime we start the shell.
Review request changed
  1. lgtm.  Thanks!