[core] Integrate Metrics as page on /about page

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Roohi Syeda
enricoberti, erickt, jgauthier, johan, ranade, romain, weixia, yingc
commit 641730d540971111ca4094768ab5412524f38bb6
Author: Roohi <roohisyeda@cloudera.com>
Date:   Mon Dec 4 23:42:48 2017 -0800

    [core] Integrate Metrics as page on /about page
    re] Integrate Metrics as page on /about page
    [core] Integrate Metrics as page on /about page

:100644 100644 b4ddc7c09a... cf6a2d588f... M	desktop/core/src/desktop/templates/metrics.mako


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  1. Nice one! Missing jira ref in commit message.

  1. Nice!

    And last nits after in person sync:
    - header bar with links to sections
    - fixed headers/search bar
    - clearable to search input

  1. The UI doesn't work at all on HUE 3. I don't see any errors on the browser console. I see that knockout.min.js is not included in HUE 4 page where as it is there in HUE 3. Can you pls help understand from where is the knockout library file which HUE 4 is using?

    1. Can you push to a branch so we can quickly try to see where the problem might be? :) Thanks!
      In HUE 4 Knockout (and others) come from hue-bundle.js

    2. Thanks Enrico. The branch name is HUE-7691-Metrics.

    3. Thanks Enrico. The branch name is HUE-7691-Metrics.

  1. I have another issue when I minimise the left assist panel.The element (with dockable ko binding) width is fixed and doesn't expand. This happens in HUE 4. Can you please see this doc.https://docs.google.com/a/cloudera.com/document/d/101dYBPG4BoDJFP7eKyu6BHf-tPa-Wijz8QPhlcL4wCk/edit?usp=sharing

    1. I'm changing a bit the markup and then pushing to your branch :)
      I found the problem with it not rendering in Hue 3 btw: Knockout doesn't like self closing tags (ie. <a xxxx />). Why it renders correctly in Hue 4? It's because the html is pre-process by jQuery and then appended nicely to the DOM :)

    2. I updated the branch and sent out a review (https://review.cloudera.org/r/12176)
      I had to force push the branch to fix a wrong commit message, sorry, but your original commit is safe there :)

    3. So sorry, force of habit, I pushed to master both your initial commit and the changes on top :O

    4. No Problem. Thanks Enrico!

    5. Thanks Enrico for troubleshooting and finding out the issue!

  1. We would need a way to display all the metrics, either add a 'All' label or something else (as right now it is not usable as you won't know which section to look in)

    1. Can you please explain what is the other option, instead of having 'All' label? Also the metrics in the header are styled a bit differently after Enrico's change as you might have seen. They are not like the 'Impala Metrics' page with bread crumbs. Should I continue with the same style?

    2. I did not think about other options except having a 'All' label, just in case someone finds something better.

      AFAIK Styling looks good now, consistent with other parts of Hue.

    3. Thanks Romain. I will work on it.

  1. 3 nits and looks good!

    1. I wanted to check with you/others if we want 'All' as default or the first metric. I think 'All' as default looks good to you too.
      So I will continue with it.

  2. } else {

    indent + curly brackets?

  3. Extra space before each ===

  1. And do the change to filter out sections when on 'All'?

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