HUE-7757 [dashboard] Give a text label to the dimension

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Jean-Francois Desjeans Gauthier
commit 69a5e7b6580ba1f12ba447f886392bb9e66d3b8f
Author: jdesjean <>
Date:   Tue Dec 19 15:03:52 2017 -0800

    HUE-7757 [dashboard] Give a text label to the dimension

:100644 100644 557569e088... f3d2e6fb63... M	desktop/libs/dashboard/src/dashboard/templates/common_search.mako

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  1. Weird for $parent!

    1. I agree. I took another look and it wasn't working properly. New review should do it.

  2. Why the form?

  3. Seems incorrect here, you are adding to the widget (the overall facet), and not to the facet in the properties.facets list?

    Did you mean properties on line 367?

    And each time we add a new param, we need to update the old dashboards too by adding to also

  4. desktop/libs/dashboard/src/dashboard/static/dashboard/js/search.ko.js (Diff revision 2)

    Should not be needed cf. above

  5. This is non Solr 5 AFIAK, so not needed (for pivot on gradient map)

    addPivotFacetValue2 is the analytics one

  6. Why we need a fieldLabel in form and not just use as default value?

    Actually: probably want to be empty and display the field in the mako like before (line 588 mako).

    This would mean the user did not manually edit it. Then in next step this would also us to automatically display the formula or each facet or let the user hardocde it to what he prefers (so we get both options elegantly, as we need a way to know if the user wants his own text or the auto generated dimension forumula like in most of the cases).

    1. I don't think I can use the empty field approach and use the editable binding.

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