HIVE-1526: Hive should depend on a release version of Thrift

Review Request #1242 - Created Nov. 17, 2010 and updated

Carl Steinbach
old-Hive git
Review request for HIVE-1526: upgrade to Thrift 0.5.0

This review request does not include the code generated by the Thrift compiler.

  2. .classpath._hbase (Diff revision 1)
    Is deleting of this file because of we eliminated hadoop pre-0.20 versions? 
    John, can you confirm if this file can be deleted?
    1. This is an eclipse project classpath file. It should not have been checked in. 
  3. This should not be MAPREDLOCAL, but MAPRED. Since MapRedTask extends ExecDriver which implements getType(), this function should not be here in MapRedTask.
  4. It would be better to define a new OperatorType for SMBMapJoinOperator.
  5. commnet: -1 -> null
    1. I made this method abstract.
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Patch updated with changes suggested by Ning and Ashutosh.


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