HUE-7945 [jb] Add oozie launcher job browser type

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Jean-Francois Desjeans Gauthier
commit 8dbe67f2ab44f8e7e77f8cfc9fac1bb764a5fcea
Author: jdesjean <>
Date:   Tue Feb 6 13:43:24 2018 -0800

    HUE-7945 [jb] Add oozie launcher job browser type

:100644 100644 330e039fb5... e4721f4068... M	apps/jobbrowser/src/jobbrowser/
:100644 100644 aaa45baa69... c569de7909... M	apps/jobbrowser/src/jobbrowser/apis/
:100644 100644 47cd1e25b7... ae5afa4bea... M	apps/jobbrowser/src/jobbrowser/templates/job_browser.mako
:100644 100644 5be488db9c... b30fb697b8... M	apps/jobbrowser/src/jobbrowser/
:100644 100644 6c2d46c381... 6376f5a404... M	apps/jobbrowser/src/jobbrowser/
:100644 100644 4bf92b806d... 4ab1f4dc06... M	desktop/libs/hadoop/src/hadoop/yarn/

Not sure about doAs?
Server throws exception when it's running and we use doAs, but not if it's finished.

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  1. Nice! Just a few nits.

    Then double check job link of a workflow that it points to here in a follow-up jira?

  2. Might mess-up regular MR jobs status?

    Protect with something like?

    (or status == 'FINISHED' and app_type == 'Oozie Launcher':)

  3. apps/jobbrowser/src/jobbrowser/ (Diff revision 1)

    Can be inherited?

    On some of the other properties too?

  1. Nice! Sorry the Oozie logic is not super logic.

    "Server throws exception when it's running and we use doAs, but not if it's finished." are we good for that? (aka when the workflow/launcher is running)
    Need follow-up jira to have the link to the launcher on the actions of the workflow?

  2. apps/jobbrowser/src/jobbrowser/apis/ (Diff revisions 1 - 2)

    This is kind of funky if Oozie or Yarn logic is that. Should we bring it up to them?

  3. apps/jobbrowser/src/jobbrowser/ (Diff revisions 1 - 2)


  4. apps/jobbrowser/src/jobbrowser/ (Diff revisions 1 - 2)

    YarnAttempt --> YarnOozieAttempt ?

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