HUE-8252 [jdbc] Provide ability to configure users impersonation with jdbc

Review Request #12896 - Created April 26, 2018 and updated

Ivan Dzikovsky
When user, password, and impersonation_property options configured in interpreter options, value of impersonation_property would be added as additional option in JDBC connection URL, and user that execute snippet would be added as value of this option,


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  1. Looks good, just one question on one line change

  2. Just wondering: it is fine to always require the user to be in the options?

    We don't break?:
    cf. ini
    " # ## If 'user' and 'password' are omitted, they will be prompted in the UI."

    1. In fact I think it gonna work in the way like it was before, but for me looks like it has no sense not to prompt username/password when only password specified without any username in config.
      And it not gonna break previous logic, as it in fact implements it.
      Should I update patch to make this piece like it was before?

Review request changed
  1. +1

    We could always revisit the password/username logic in the future.

    Would you attach a git-format-patch or send a pull request?

    1. Sure.