HUE-8414 [spark] Sample Notebook has broken session IDs

Review Request #13149 - Created July 5, 2018 and updated

Ivan Dzikovsky

I've cleaned sessions from Sample Notebook document fixture.


  1. It seems a lit longer, did you need to change more?

    1. I guess its caused by font rendering and line wrapping in reviewboard. There is no any changes except clearing sessions. I've even just doublechecked that there is no other changes in diff here (maybe I've accidentaly commited some other changes, but no).

      Also, I've just checked Hue installation with this fix, and just after opening Sample Notebook, Hue tries to start all this sessions (Spark, PySpark, R), so maybe we also need to change snippets status from "ready" to something else (i.e. "available"), to prevent starting all sessions at opening of this Notebook.

    2. Thanks, indeed, it was actually easier to see via the github PR

    3. I'll do some more investigation on this and will share results here and on JIRA.