HUE-8424 [core] Add options to dump more of rest API response to logs

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Chris Conner
enricoberti, jgauthier, johan, ranade, romain, roohi, weixia, yingc

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Author: Chris Conner <>
Date: Mon Jul 9 14:31:24 2018 -0400

HUE-8424 \[core\] Add options to dump more of rest API response to logs

:100644 100644 c5dc76e8e8... 572f63e4ce... M desktop/conf.dist/hue.ini
:100644 100644 5353f6d884... 7b2712fd32... M desktop/conf/pseudo-distributed.ini.tmpl
:100644 100644 fc611a57dc... aa6c6ec787... M desktop/core/src/desktop/
:100644 100644 04644a502b... 152554d622... M desktop/core/src/desktop/lib/rest/

Tested on my environments to make sure that the amount written to logs matched the config in the hue.ini.

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  1. Would it make sense to have the option of using -1 and having the full output?

    1. That thought had crossed my mind as well. I think that's the way we'll go.

  1. Ship It!
  1. A few nits

    BTW: we could bump it to 2000 char maybe, I know it is annoying when a little bit is missing and thise size might help avoid the need of playing the with config

  2. desktop/conf.dist/hue.ini (Diff revision 2)

    nit: extra space before 'Set' and missing final .

  3. nit: (to avoid duplication)

    log_lenght = conf.REST_RESPONSE_SIZE.get() and conf.REST_RESPONSE_SIZE.get() != -1

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