HUE-8631 [hbase] pull thrift transport from hbase-site.xml

Review Request #13444 - Created Oct. 15, 2018 and submitted - Latest diff uploaded

Chris Conner
enricoberti, jgauthier, johan, ranade, romain, roohi, weixia, yingc
commit ddc68621e93f6423103e1676ca53cf4fc1625c12
Author: Chris Conner <>
Date:   Mon Oct 15 15:18:10 2018 -0400

    HUE-8631 [hbase] pull thrift transport from hbase-site.xml

:100644 100644 12b1b78fbd... f6ed8887f2... M	apps/hbase/src/hbase/
:100644 100644 c67eca2d97... 1f42fe5b5b... M	apps/hbase/src/hbase/
:100644 100644 d4abf7edb1... 8a49d4bbf1... M	apps/hbase/src/hbase/

Tested with hbase-site.xml having hbase.regionserver.thrift.framed=true and hbase.regionserver.thrift.framed=false and missing hbase.regionserver.thrift.framed from hbase-site.xml. Note that CM just leaves hbase.regionserver.thrift.framed out of hbase-site.xml for buffered. This means the hue.ini needs the default to be buffered again instead of framed.