HUE-8677 [oozie] Oozie batch snippet hangs

Review Request #13568 - Created Dec. 21, 2018 and updated

Ivan Dzikovsky
  1. Removed usage of appAttemptId and diagnosticsInfo fields in jobbrowser.yarn_modesl.YarnOozieAttempt class, as there is no fields like this in RM/HS/NM REST API.
  2. Reimplemented hadoop.yarn.resource_manager_api.ResourceManagerApi.appattempts_attempt method as there is no cluster/apps/{app_id}/appattempts/{attempt_id} handled in RM REST API.
    Only cluster/apps/{appid}/appattempts (doc ref).
  3. Refactored jobbrowser.yarn_modesl.Task.get_task_log, for cases when Hadoop application use NodeManger API rather that JobHistory API (like "Oozie Launcher" application), as for that applications logsUrl field in information about finished attemps contains URL to NodeManager REST API rather than URL that points directly to HistoryServer REST API.

I've manually checked that execution of Sqoop1 query works fine in Editor interface, and execution of Oozie workflows was not broken after this fix.
Checking was done with both Oozie 4.3 and Oozie 5.0.