HUE-8848 [catalog] Enable faceted classification search for Atlas

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Johan Åhlén
jgauthier, ranade, romain, roohi, weixia, yingc
commit ae298ca240b0fee80ff1a1da62135a48252683d2
Author: Johan Ahlen <>
Date:   Wed May 29 13:44:17 2019 +0200

    HUE-8848 [catalog] Enable faceted classification search for Atlas
    This adds 'tags:...', 'tag:...' and 'classification:...' from the top search and it shows the classifications in read-only mode in the table browser and context popover.

:100644 100644 efe49ff16f 7dc8f52449 M	apps/metastore/src/metastore/templates/metastore.mako
:100644 100644 d3d8213d14 5c1b660805 M	desktop/core/src/desktop/js/ko/components/contextPopover/ko.contextPopover.js
:100644 100644 0fc3e54550 f5a631926a M	desktop/core/src/desktop/js/ko/components/ko.globalSearch.js
:100644 100644 f22db1e1b2 b5960451b2 M	desktop/core/src/desktop/templates/global_js_constants.mako
:100644 100644 d717809020 4a0e472317 M	desktop/libs/metadata/src/metadata/catalog/
:100644 100644 0559f06ca9 6b8551bfbd M	desktop/libs/metadata/src/metadata/

commit e3a55f7f20e66e81b38e5746775e30620383e175
Author: Johan Ahlen <>
Date:   Wed May 29 13:04:26 2019 +0200

    HUE-8848 [catalog] Switch to basic atlas API endpoint to include wildcard classification search

:100644 100644 83ee67f1af d717809020 M	desktop/libs/metadata/src/metadata/catalog/
:100644 100644 241a03fcc2 1ebed58a55 M	desktop/libs/metadata/src/metadata/
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