HUE-7738 [editor] Extract argument and return types from the UDF API response

Review Request #15211 — Created June 4, 2020 and submitted

jgauthier, ranade, romain, roohi, weixia, yingc
commit a75cad1a91ad6b6d5ddb74ed7db68b696c18c32f
Author: Johan Ahlen <>
Date:   Thu Jun 4 14:51:28 2020 +0200

    HUE-7738 [editor] Extract argument and return types from the UDF API response

:100644 100644 2a87f35329 e315120bb1 M	desktop/core/src/desktop/js/api/apiHelper.js
:000000 100644 0000000000 fb0131c4ba A	desktop/core/src/desktop/js/api/urls.js
:100644 100644 3999f72d09 0039ea761b M	desktop/core/src/desktop/js/catalog/optimizer/apiStrategy.js
:100644 100644 6961f3b832 df631184a5 M	desktop/core/src/desktop/js/ko/components/assist/ko.assistFunctionsPanel.js
:100644 100644 404187646e f4b844f31d M	desktop/core/src/desktop/js/ko/components/assist/ko.assistFunctionsPanel.test.js
:100644 100644 32c43cfee3 ee22b04932 M	desktop/core/src/desktop/js/sql/autocompleteResults.test.js
:100644 100644 526917e209 526917e209 R100	desktop/core/src/desktop/js/sql/reference/sqlReferenceRepositoryCache.js	desktop/core/src/desktop/js/sql/reference/apiCache.js
:000000 100644 0000000000 eae86f3e01 A	desktop/core/src/desktop/js/sql/reference/apiUtils.js
:000000 100644 0000000000 c4b36fdfa8 A	desktop/core/src/desktop/js/sql/reference/apiUtils.test.js
:100644 100644 f3feb838ee b6dfb93511 M	desktop/core/src/desktop/js/sql/reference/sqlReferenceRepository.js
:100644 100644 e02aae4760 cb1afbbc7d M	desktop/core/src/desktop/js/sql/reference/sqlReferenceRepository.test.js
Manual on Chrome
  1. And at some point we could find a way to hide the button (e.g. auto invalidate the cache when opening a session containing a global hash of the udfs)

  1. Nice!

    And + 1 for tokenizing in the parser too :)

    At some point we could also have the argument names too

    1. I'll improve the string signature next. this one is for autocompleting the UDFs that matches expected type, i.e. "1 = |" should only suggest UDFs with the matching return type (with implicit conversion) and same goes for args, i.e. "cos(|)" should only suggest matching types for cols and udfs.

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