FLUME-521: Remove a bunch of deprecated Thrift code

Review Request #1586 — Created Feb. 15, 2011 and submitted

esammer, jon
There were some sinks and stuff that were deprecated. I wanted to get rid of them and the support code rather than update it to support some new features.
Tests seem to pass. TestChokeDecos fails for me but that is an old failure, I think.
  1. I'm fine with this interface change (we are still pre 1.0) but need to add RELEASE NOTES about it and to let folks know if this breaks compatibility.  
  2. src/java/com/cloudera/flume/handlers/thrift/ThriftFlumeEventServerImpl.java (Diff revision 1)
    Will this break wire compatibility between sources and sinks of different versions of flume?  (even if they are never used)
    If so please put info about this incompatiblity into the RELEASE NOTES (and add a 0.9.4 section).  
    Removal should be noted in RELEASE NOTES as well.
    1. Will do.
    2. Did we figure out if the new client works with the old one still?  
      If incompatible. should be noted in release notes... 
      Removal should be noted in release notes as well.
    3. Ahh yes.
      The new client should be fine with the old as long as the removed sinks are not in use.  I've updated the RELEASENOTES file and will post an updated patch in a moment.
Review request changed
  1. lgtm
  2. RELEASENOTES (Diff revision 2)
    Be slightly more specific (name sources/sinks no longer available?)