FLUME-660 - Add seqfile output format to documentation

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Tom White
Added seqfile to the output formats section.
Ran asciidoc over the amended file.
  1. Tom,
    I think you might have done this against an older branch (docs were updated in FLUME-651 a few days ago).  Would you mind updating the patch?  I think the caveat about seqfiles is really important.  Thanks! (sorry for the troubles).
  2. src/docs/UserGuide/UsingOutput (Diff revision 1)
    I think this is already in
  3. src/docs/UserGuide/UsingOutput (Diff revision 1)
    I think this is already in.
  4. src/docs/UserGuide/UsingOutput (Diff revision 1)
    Can we make this use an asciidoc admonition syntax?  (Do you think it is NOTE, IMPORTANT, or WARNING level?)  Its pretty simple and will make the generated docs lok better.
    NOTE: SequenceFiles() and Avro ...
    IMPORTANT: SequenceFiles() and Avro ... 
    WARNING: SequenceFiles() and Avro ...  
  1. Tom,
    Ah, I just realized that there are two copies of the docs source in the repo -- ./src/docs and in ./flume-docs/src/docs/!
    You've modified the versions that should be removed -- the source the build is based off of is ./flume-docs/src/docs.
    You should be able to generate the documentation using 'mvn -Pfull-build install' (there are probably some options to limit to the flume-docs model, but I don't know them at the moment.)
    I'll file another jira to delete the duplicates in the old dir.
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  1. lgtm.  Thanks Tom!