HUE-710. Oozie error shows up as 500 in jobsub

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bc Wong
commit 40267d426e518b0f58d634b69c09edee4157a038
Author: bc Wong <>
Date:   Fri Apr 27 19:10:35 2012 -0700

    HUE-710. Oozie error shows up as 500 in jobsub

:100644 100644 24649a0... 71baeba... M	apps/jobsub/src/jobsub/templates/workflow.mako
:100644 100644 0f382d4... 19950a2... M	apps/jobsub/src/jobsub/
:100644 100644 30cebbf... e0b90f9... M	desktop/core/src/desktop/lib/rest/
:100644 100644 287c132... eab2242... M	desktop/core/src/desktop/templates/popup_error.mako
Tried with a disconnected oozie and a bad oozie.
  1. Nice
  2. apps/jobsub/src/jobsub/ (Diff revision 1)
    Just curious, you think it is more readable to define these variables in the view rather than just using the workflow object later?
    1. This triggers an Oozie API call. I want that to happen inside the try block. Added more comments to the code.
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