HUE-716 [jobsub] A normal user can't run his own designs

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commit f1713360fb5b750a0fe6edf47335af722a86e1c0
Author: Romain Rigaux <>
Date:   Thu May 3 09:31:16 2012 -0700

    HUE-716 [jobsub] A normal user can't run his own designs
    The owner can submit/delete/edit his own designs.
    The admin can delete/edit any design.
    The jobsub data dir could be created in two ways:
      - installing the samples
      - submitting a design
    which were not following the same conventions. This is refactored
    and a test was added.

:100644 100644 a125670... e85aa48... M  apps/jobsub/src/jobsub/management/commands/
:100644 100644 72e15b0... 1ac84ef... M  apps/jobsub/src/jobsub/
:100644 100644 010c00a... 0340ddf... M  apps/jobsub/src/jobsub/templates/list_designs.mako
:100644 100644 6064bfe... 5bc0515... M  apps/jobsub/src/jobsub/
:100644 100644 1d84318... 69adf9a... M  apps/jobsub/src/jobsub/
Manual testing logged-in as an admin or a normal user.
Created a data dir from scratch by installing the samples then cloning and submitting a design.
Ran unit tests.

The main problem was a template problem but the goal of this patch is to fix once for all the jobsub data dir setup.
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  2. apps/jobsub/src/jobsub/ (Diff revision 1)
    Who is the owner of this new directory? Could you make sure that it's `hue'? It shouldn't be owned by the first user who submits a workflow.
    1. I see, I am adding a try/finally with Hdfs.DEFAULT_USER as the fs user inside.
  3. Only the user should be able to edit a workflow. The superuser can delete it, but shouldn't be able to muck with it.
    1. Ok, I made it like that.
  1. Ship It!
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