[build] Updated version to 2.0.1

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commit 110d6611a4260d27f28a6c4f0199e2b371bcc224
Author: Romain Rigaux <romain@cloudera.com>
Date:   Tue May 29 13:37:33 2012 -0700

    [build] Updated version to 2.0.1

:100644 100644 12cf1c2... 09fc71a... M	VERSION
:100644 100644 ef78911... 1157358... M	apps/beeswax/java/pom.xml
:100644 100644 0c367ad... 037352c... M	desktop/libs/hadoop/credentials-merger/pom.xml
:100644 100644 aa44c7c... f7ac722... M	desktop/libs/hadoop/java/pom.xml
:100644 100644 7c3b09c... c91b53b... M	desktop/libs/hadoop/static-group-mapping/pom.xml
:100644 100644 8ee090e... 7426b70... M	desktop/libs/hadoop/sudo-shell/pom.xml
:100644 100644 12bc2c0... f16b8ca... M	maven/pom.xml
Ran 'make clean', 'make apps' and started a server.
  1. Is this intended for branch-2.0? If so, good. Please run `make prod' and check the production tarball as well.
    If you want a similar change for master, then master should probably get 2.1.0-snapshot.
    1. I tested the production tarball and it went well.
      Only problem is that the tarball is much bigger than the ~48MB of the beta.
      82M 2012-05-29 15:23 hue-2.0.1.tgz
      Ok, this is for branch-2.0 and I will do a 2.1.0 for master.
    2. Looking good and pushed.
    3. 82MB is not good. Will need to figure that out. Did we accidentally include a bunch of Hadoop jars?
    4. I started from a fresh clone, then applied the patch and it was 38Mb only. I don't have the list of the extra files anymore but it is easy to re-generate.
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