HBASE-6173 hbck check specified tables only

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Jimmy Xiang
Currently, hbck can fix all tables or specified tables. It can not check the health of only specified tables.  In fixing specified tables, it checks the health of all tables too.

This patch changes that.  It only checks/fixes specified tables if specified.
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  1. Looks good to me.
  2. Is String safe for table names?   (I think this is)
    1. I think it is because table name should be a valid folder name.
  3. Please add comment about only included table's are included in this map.
  4. we lost the checkmetaonly option with this change?  
    checkmetaonly is important for cases where the meta table is not assigned properly.   I believe if it isn't there hbck may hang since it cannot get to other regions because meta is borked.
    Hm.. this may be covered when loading hdfs dir contents.  Is this the case?
    1. loading hdfs dir should cover this.  I will enhance filterRegions to explicitly handle checkMetaOnly option too.
  5. rename to isTableIncluded? or inTableFilter
    1. Ok, will rename to isTableIncluded.
  6. rename to addTableToInclude or addTableFilter maybe?
    1. Since I rename tableIncluded to isTableIncluded, I think includeTable is fine.
  7. why is there only one error here?  I would think there would be two.  Maybe this is a bug elsewhere?
    1. At the beginning, I expected two as well.  Let me dig into it more.
    2. Will fix.
  1. Ship It!
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