ACCESS-12: Convert concept of users to groups

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Brock Noland
Policy file not maps groups to roles. Groups by default will be obtained from the Hadoop Groups class (system by default, can be connected to a directory service).

Unit tests pass. Once approach is more concrete I will create additional tests.
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  1. Patch will break the patch which is up on ACCESS-9.
    1. @Brock, I think you should push this first and I will rebase and update the methods and configuration changes.
    2. OK sounds good!
  1. I do have couple of nits, but otherwise it looks great.
  2. Would it be possible to move the "insert" and "select" string constant to class AccessConstats as well?
  3. This method do not seem to be throwing IOException.
  4. Nit: Is this weird indentation intentional?
    1. IDE autoformatting gone awry!
  5. pom.xml (Diff revision 6)
    Can we just say "hadoop.version"? I'm not expecting that we will have dependencies on multiple hadoop sub-artefacts with different version.
  6. Jarcec
  1. Looks good to me.
  2. Nit: Trailing white space characters.
    1. Yep, I already fixed that upon commit :)
  3. Jarcec
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