ACCESS-87 Implement test cases walk through the end to end scenario

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Johnny Zhang
arvind, brock, jarcec, prasadm, shreepadma
need to have test cases for end-to-end full workflow. Welcome to suggest more scenarios 
test right now fail because of existing issue
  1. I am not sure if I understood the objective of this ticket. We have one customer scenario testing where the tests would run against an externally configured HiveServer2. Is the goal to run this test in that format ?
    The test itself is fine and we can go ahead and add it. I am just trying to understand the what we are trying to achieve.
    1. Prasad, thanks for the comments. Looks like I miss the "externally configured HS2" part. I will add another case to cover it. Is there any existing test case using externally configured HiveServer2 ? Thanks.
    2. The e2e framework has a way to start an external server, but it still doesn't have a clean way to copy the access artifacts to hive distribution. Also it would be better to get hive distribution itself by installing CDH. In short, the e2e framework can help to setup the hive-site, but probably not very useful for installation. Is there's an option in the smoke test or other kitchen  test framework we can use there ?
    3. as we discussed offline, we are going to submit this case as is now. We will resolve running test against external HS2 in another ticket
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