ACCESS-108: CREATE TABLE db.table comes through as access for default database

Review Request #2932 - Created April 27, 2013 and updated

Prasad Mujumdar
- Capture db name for table level DDL operations (the compiler doesn't build write entities for DDLs)
- Ensure that all table level DDL are require ALL privilege at DB level
- Cleaned test issues with -
  + removed asserts checks on stmt.execute() which are not required
  + split the sandbox9 test into two parts and removed the policy file modifications in between test.
The TestCrossDbOps passes with the change
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  1. Prasad, looks great! There a few times we expect a sql exception but there is no fail() statement directly below the statement execution to make sure the execution throws a sql exception. Unless there are questions about that, feel free to fix that on commit.
    1. Thanks for catching those. There were another 1-2 places where this was missing.
      If rest of the patch looks fine, could you please approve it in review board.
  2. I believe we need a fail() statement below the execute here?
  3. fail() statement missing here and below as well.
  1. Ship It!