ACCESS-148: TestPrivilegesAtDatabaseScope blocker issues

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Brock Noland
Fixes 3 or 4 failing tests. The remaining failing test testAllPrivilegeOnObjectOwnedByAdmin will be resolved in a separate JIRA

  1. I am curious why it had to be done via the static reflection way. Does changing that property in HiveConf not work ?
    Rest of the changes look fine to me. 
    1. There isn't any property for this as far as I can tell:
      I was thinking of opening a jira. Perhaps we should add a property "always create default db"
    3. you underestimate hive! Just because there's something not available in, doesn't mean it's not available :)
      There's hive.metastore.checkForDefaultDb which bypasses checking for default DB. 
    4. Anyway, I am fine with the patch. I though there was a way to configure that default db behavior, but didn't know it's all that twisted.
      will go ahead and approve the review.
    5. I wish that were true, but the condition is an || with that parameter:
      so setting that won't have any effect.
    6. yes, I saw that after looking at that code.
      already approved the review. Thanks for taking care of this one!
  1. Ship It!
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