ACCESS-187: Use hiveserver2 session hook to setup per sesion access configuration

Review Request #3040 - Created May 14, 2013 and updated

Prasad Mujumdar
- implement session hook that sets the other required hooks and configs including the restrict list
- updated e2e fraemwork to setup the new hook only
- new maven profile to use an existing hadoop and hive dist for dev testing
- added a testcase for create table as with cross db scenario (sorry about combining this unrelated test with the this ticket)
All tests pass, including the new CTAS test case
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  1. Prasad, can you give a quick example how this new profile would be utilized? meaning the approximate expected commands.
    1. This is mainly a convinience option for dev builds. It allows you to reuse a hadoop distribution already available with minimal commandline options
      For example, mvn clean package -Plink-hadoop -Dhadoop-dist=/home/prasadm/Downloads/access-dists
    2. Cool, thanks!
  2. access-tests/pom.xml (Diff revision 1)
    nit: script does not do any downloading
  1. LGTM, just one question below.
  2. I see some places we have .varname and some places we don't?
    1. yes, I updated that later and added another config that's required. Also added a e2e test to verify that the configs are set when the session starts. will upload the new diff
  1. Prasad,
    Tests won't pass on the jenkins slaves due to the /usr/bin/hadoop change. 
  2. I don't think we want to point this at /usr/bin/hadoop. When we run the unit tests it uses ./target/hadoop/bin/hadoop.
    If we want to override this perhaps we can have it overridable via a system property like HIVESERVER2_TYPE.
    1. sorry about that. I was changed that for local testing and didn't reset :(
  1. Feel free to fix the HADOOPBIN issue on commit :)
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