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Chris Conner
abec, enricoberti, romain
Since the auth_group table allows for group names up to 80 chars, is there any reason we shouldn't allow for groups names up to 80?

Desc auth_group:

mysql> desc auth_group;

Field	 Type	 Null	 Key	 Default	 Extra

id	 int(11)	 NO	 PRI	 NULL	 auto_increment
name	 varchar(80)	 NO	 UNI	 NULL	 

I changed it to be 80 in the and updated all of the language translations.
I tested to confirm that groups with names up to 80 chars worked.
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  1. Abe should decide but it LGTM.
    Could you revert all the translation files? (it is going to conflict with our official translators)
  2. apps/useradmin/src/useradmin/ (Diff revision 2)
    This may be improper... in Hadoop there's a group to user mapping. If the group name is larger than 30 characters, then it will break impersonation and other forms of security.
    Have you tested group names that are longer than 30 characters with impersonation in hadoop?
    1. I tested this pretty throughly within Hue and outside.  I set HDFS to use LDAP for groups so I knew the 75 character group was the same in Hue and HDFS.  Then I imported it into Hue and uploaded and viewed files in HDFS in the filebrowser.  Then I ran an oozie job and an MR job from Hue to confirm that it worked.  Is it possible only the user can't be more than 30 chars?
  3. This should be configurable.
  1. Ship It!
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