Query matcher will be confused if intra-row scanning

Review Request #376 - Created July 22, 2010 and submitted

Andrew Purtell
Query matcher will be confused if intra-row scanning. Avoid calling setRow() if the row has not changed. This requires a string comparison per next().

  1. +1 on commit.  Suggestion on how to make some minor savings.  Go ahead and commit with if it makes sense to you (or do w/o the suggestion).
    1. Committed to branch and trunk, taking into account suggestions for savings in both cases. Also added a conditional to insure matcher.row is not null before testing it.
  2. Consider using method Ryan added today:
        public boolean matchingRows(final KeyValue left, final byte [] right) {
    Then you could do if (!KeyValue.matchingRows(matcher.row, peeked)
    .. and only do a peeked.getRow when you know you've changed rows..
    Might same a bit of byte array making.