FLUME 29 - Compression using gzip before writing file to HDFS

Review Request #377 - Created July 23, 2010 and discarded

HenryR, jon, phunt
FLUME-29 adding compression interface before writing files to HDFS
Jonathan Hsieh
Patrick Hunt

Putting one's own copyright notice as done in this latest patch is against our policy (sort of like how we don't allow @author tags in the javadoc). One problem is that then everyone who patches the file is tempted to add a copyright for their contributions, this gets ugly fast. We don't try to fully document the reality of the copyright ownership in the source however the commit log / scm will document it, though. That's one of the reasons why we ask contributors to use git's "format-patch", as it maintains this information. Please remove this.
Jonathan Hsieh
Just a few nits, and then I think this looks good!
lowercase boolean would do.
  1. done
phunt will comment on this.
ok, you can stay
  1. yay
inside of open.
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inside open
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high level comment would be nice. 

  1. comments, now come on :-)
Needs to delete tmp file/dir ( FileUtil.rmr(f); )

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