HUE-1548 [sqoop2] Connection management refactored

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enricoberti, romain
commit a0362c48a17cd3a3832e977aac0a988d4d559f48
Author: Abraham Elmahrek <>
Date:   Fri Dec 27 16:35:57 2013 -0800

    HUE-1548 [sqoop2] Connection management refactored

:100644 100644 620b990... 0404cda... M	apps/sqoop/src/sqoop/templates/app.mako
:100644 100644 0bf630c... 7902913... M	apps/sqoop/static/js/sqoop.connections.js
:100644 100644 e721b62... cb1cb21... M	apps/sqoop/static/js/sqoop.js

commit 050ffe486ac619c97ead049ee3302e4c00964ece
Author: Abraham Elmahrek <>
Date:   Sat Dec 28 00:50:06 2013 -0800

    HUE-1816 [core] Add KO switch case support

:000000 100644 0000000... 3b2dcc2... A	desktop/core/static/ext/js/knockout-switch-case.min.js
Tested manually:
- verified working connection dashboard.
- must follow through on a couple of bugs with manual history management.
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Maybe: New job Connections New connection Jobs Ideally maybe we could have a nav-bar with Sqoop [Jobs | Connections] [search ... romain romain
I guess here and above are about history problems romain romain
  1. Can we still create a connection if needed by going through the create a new job wizard?
  2. apps/sqoop/src/sqoop/templates/app.mako (Diff revision 1)
    We have a job page and a connection page now? (it seems that jobs/connections are mixed up together  cf. screenshot, Job search, '+ Manage jobs' button shoulb probably be more '[list icon] Jobs' or something)
    1. I see what you're saying. It is a bit unintuitive. There will be a "Manage connections" button where the "Manage jobs" button is when on the Jobs display. A list definitely makes sense.
  3. apps/sqoop/src/sqoop/templates/app.mako (Diff revision 1)
    filteredConnections() does not always return an array?
    1. Sometimes null -_-. Will fix.
  4. apps/sqoop/src/sqoop/templates/app.mako (Diff revision 1)
    1. Probably overkill... will remove.
  5. apps/sqoop/src/sqoop/templates/app.mako (Diff revision 1)
    I guess here and above are about history problems
    1. Yes, this is the history problem. Should be easy to fix.
  2. apps/sqoop/src/sqoop/templates/app.mako (Diff revision 1)
    oups, I mean probably overkill for now cf. emails.
    maybe, fa-cog instead of fa-download
  3. apps/sqoop/src/sqoop/templates/app.mako (Diff revision 1)
    maybe name after icon if there is a name specified
  2. apps/sqoop/src/sqoop/templates/app.mako (Diff revisions 1 - 2)
  3. apps/sqoop/src/sqoop/templates/app.mako (Diff revisions 1 - 2)
    New job
    New connection
    Ideally maybe we could have a nav-bar with
    Sqoop [Jobs | Connections] [search box] .................. [create btn]
    or similar 
    1. Can we do this in a separate jira? It might be easier to tackle one thing at a time given there are several directions this UI could go.
  4. apps/sqoop/src/sqoop/templates/app.mako (Diff revisions 1 - 2)
    Should it be connections instead of jobs as we are in the connection section?
    1. Will remove this and the lib.
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