HUE-1842 [beeswax] Error info above query box instead of the popup

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enricoberti, romain
commit 090eb09c827e2217260e79df94e28c730ac245be
Author: Abraham Elmahrek <>
Date:   Mon Jan 6 14:55:17 2014 -0800

    HUE-1842 [beeswax] Error info above query box instead of the popup
    Make error messages appear on bottom half of the screen if
    the error occurs on submission.

:100644 100644 9fc3ea4... b9869d4... M  apps/beeswax/src/beeswax/
:100644 100644 92bf5c3... 765d380... M  apps/beeswax/src/beeswax/templates/execute.mako
:100644 100644 60bd558... d9f2dcd... M  apps/beeswax/static/js/beeswax.vm.js
Tested manually.
verified that hue removes error messages upon each new query as well.
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  1. screenshots of 'create table_already_exist' and 'select aa from sample_07'?
    1. Create table exceptions are thrown while we're watching the query. This behaviour is not captured! Is that what this jira had intended to solve? I will include this as well since its obviously useful.
    2. These are the 2 types of error: submission time & run time. Currently they are all shown in the popup :)
      We used to show the error line directly in the editor:
      It is for this it might be simpler/cleaner to show the full error in the main Result panel (also the screen won't jump) especially that the screen starts to be full, as HUE-1849 is bringing the most important.
  1. Nice!
    screen1: we should just show 'errorMessage' if this one is not empty
    screen2: we are saying twice the same thing. Would just showing in error in the collabeditor be enough (or at least truncate the message before '....Line N:M') Or both? Or maybe error message in collab edit bigger?
    1. Screen 1 done.
      Screet 2 - How about simply removing the previous error message. See attached image.
    2. For #2 I am +1 for removing the top error and only displaying 'Line N:M: .... salary)' 
    3. +1 too!
    4. sorry one more thing!
      In case #1, I think that we should indeed keep the previous top error box and also open the log page.
      For example, try:
      CREATE TEMPORARY FUNCTION my_power AS 'org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.udf.UDFPowerZZZZZ'
      It has an error message but we need to show the logs to understand it.
      It means we should cleanup/refactor watch_query_refresh_json() a bit. If it is too much I can do it
  2. apps/beeswax/static/js/beeswax.vm.js (Diff revisions 1 - 2)
  3. in a 'else' instead?
    1. this doesn't require an else really... it's just to clean up some faulty code. Maybe put the title in a new line.
  1. Ship It!
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