HUE-1848 [metastore] Watch query page with the new API

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enricoberti, romain
commit 3fde31d306aef1b7ebee7ee1d142028878d05f22
Author: Abraham Elmahrek <>
Date:   Wed Jan 8 17:41:44 2014 -0800

    HUE-1848 [metastore] Watch query page with the new API
    Make the execute_query page automatically fetch results
    if 'results' in GET request.

:100644 100644 14a19fe... ba92106... M	apps/beeswax/src/beeswax/templates/execute.mako
:100644 100644 b5bc44a... b51d1ac... M	apps/beeswax/src/beeswax/
:100644 100644 9ca348b... 217aced... M	apps/beeswax/static/js/beeswax.vm.js
Assuming this is the desired results. Please comment, then ill modify the tests.
  1. On the metastore app, when we:
    - create a table, db
    - delete a table, db
    - browse table
    - browse partition
    it either (#1) executes the query on the screen then redirects to a page (e.g. create table) or (#2) executes the query and shows the result.
    In both cases we now have two duplicates pages with the new execute page.
    Some solutions:
    1. build a smart execute page that can show only the logs, errors then redirect to another url and also do #2
    2. actually keep like now but move away the pages to metastore app and customize them a bit (~fork)
    3 ?
    Problem with #2 is that we duplicate the scroll, graph etc but maybe we could simply the pages and make them independent of the beeswax app or have a common util.
    #1 seems super hacky to me.
    Maybe the best would be to do #2 + mini lib for result panel? (or no lib if too complicated)
    1. Ah now I see. Then this review seems misplaced. This code should be for HUE-1844 and loading back the results.
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