HUE-1848 [metastore] Watch query page with the new API

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enricoberti, romain
commit 01bb7def96c315b9dc4aa1d4b8c1fd1efaf45e25
Author: Abraham Elmahrek <>
Date:   Thu Jan 9 18:03:15 2014 -0800

    HUE-1848 [metastore] Watch query page with the new API
    Remove deprecated views.
    remove watch_query.
    Update execute_directly view to not use contexts.
    Should re-add contexts later.
    No changes to metastore required.
    Fix tests as well.

:100644 100644 9348147... 9de0094... M	apps/beeswax/src/beeswax/
:100644 100644 3fe8d50... 96f612e... M	apps/beeswax/src/beeswax/server/
:100644 100644 ed8deca... d26b85b... M	apps/beeswax/src/beeswax/templates/execute.mako
:100644 100644 71cf902... 1e9fd88... M	apps/beeswax/src/beeswax/templates/my_queries.mako
:000000 100644 0000000... ab0aa25... A	apps/beeswax/src/beeswax/templates/watch_query.mako
:100644 100644 1c0b769... 8677b2b... M	apps/beeswax/src/beeswax/templates/watch_results.mako
:100644 000000 dbf291b... 0000000... D	apps/beeswax/src/beeswax/templates/watch_wait.mako
:100644 100644 695f505... c08bb44... M	apps/beeswax/src/beeswax/
:100644 100644 07524c2... 674aad4... M	apps/beeswax/src/beeswax/
:100644 100644 49d20df... 97bfe5e... M	apps/beeswax/src/beeswax/
:100644 100644 6fb3831... 246f839... M	apps/beeswax/src/beeswax/
:100644 100644 12ca081... 6976ff2... M	apps/beeswax/static/js/beeswax.vm.js
:100644 100644 fccb23c... 6507d36... M	apps/metastore/src/metastore/
:100644 100644 3a0fd1d... 4c2725a... M	apps/metastore/src/metastore/
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where is the logic now? romain romain
I will add ib back somewhere in romain romain
  1. Abester, this won't patch so I've tried the github branch. I noticed that when you try to load an earlier query result, the /watch/ json loop produces this when in error:
    1. Sorry, I didn't update the branch. Up2date now. What were the exact steps you did to produce that? 
  1. Looks nice!
  2. apps/beeswax/src/beeswax/server/ (Diff revision 1)
    where is the logic now?
    1. The only place this is being used is now. There is some archaic logic that might need to be moved over... but I suggest we do that in a separate jira.
  3. do we show errors too?
    1. Actually. I can remove this file since every thing is in execute.mako now!
  4. apps/beeswax/src/beeswax/ (Diff revision 1)
    I will add ib back somewhere in
  5. apps/metastore/src/metastore/ (Diff revision 1)
    still test it I guess?
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