[core] Shrink char field max length

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Abraham Elmahrek
enricoberti, romain
commit 3e1a326cc6b443617b29efdcb0c97921d3cc9687
Author: Abraham Elmahrek <abraham@elmahrek.com>
Date:   Fri Jun 20 11:13:09 2014 -0700

    [core] Shrink char field max length
    This fixes Oracle issues with the default charset: AL16UTF16.
    Max byte length of NVARCHAR2 type is 4000. 2047 characters
    would consume 4094 bytes of space. We should support
    up to 4 byte charsets. So bringing the length of these fields
    down to 1000 => 4000 maximum bytes consumed.

:100644 100644 299286b... 0c761f3... M	desktop/core/ext-py/django-openid-auth-0.5/django_openid_auth/models.py
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