Fix for HUE-2671 and HUE-2672

Review Request #5102 - Created March 31, 2015 and discarded

Chris Conner
HUE-2671, HUE-2672
erickt, krish, romain

Fixes sync on login and AD ldap sync

Tested the following:

  1. AD not using servers.
  2. AD not using servers with sync on login.
  3. AD using servers.
  4. AD using servers with sync on login.
  5. Standard Ldap.
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Description From Last Updated
I don't get why we get this twice, did you forget to remove the old ones? Romain Rigaux
  1. Could you rebase you branch on master? (it seems to be lagging as a lot of changes are already there)

  2. Is there a way to still keep get_ldap_bind_password or it will break the password feature created by Erick?

    Or do we need to fix get_ldap_bind_password?

    1. OK, did a rebase on master. Also, not sure why, but the issues I was having with get_ldap_bind_password are gone now. So I think we're good to go.

  1. On more try, is this stuff showing up when you do 'git diff HEAD~1'? :)
    Did you rebase on origin/master?

    1. Oh, I was confused, this is on purpose. That was one of the bugs from upstream. When we added the debugging, we forgot to add it at the [[ldap]][[ldap_servers]]][[[[LDAPSERVER]]]] layer. As a result, if you tried to use the ldap_servers rather than simple ldap config, it failed not able to get debug, debug_level or trace_level. So this is part of the patch. Sorry for the confusion.

  2. desktop/conf.dist/hue.ini (Diff revision 2)
  3. desktop/conf/pseudo-distributed.ini.tmpl (Diff revision 2)

    how come you still have this showing up in your diff? ;)

  4. desktop/core/src/desktop/ (Diff revision 2)

    ditto :)

  2. This would be easier to read as:

    ldap_servers = desktop.conf.LDAP.LDAP_SERVERS.get()
    if server and ldap_servers:
      ldap_config = ldap_servers[server]
      ldap_config = desktop.conf.LDAP
    return get_connection(ldap_config)
  2. desktop/core/src/desktop/ (Diff revision 3)

    I don't get why we get this twice, did you forget to remove the old ones?

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Not sure if these made it or not, but it's old.